Everything Is Holy - Wall Art

This work was inspired by three deaths of people very close to me in a ten-day span of time, combined with images which I initially rejected but which still drew me to them.

As I processed those deaths, I pondered the human soul and what happens to it when the body dies, for in my belief system, the soul never dies. Age, disease, and physical trauma can do terrible things to the body, but the soul retains its beauty and limitless energy. Light is one of my symbols of that energy in the soul.

Applying the same philosophy universally, all living entities and even inanimate objects change physically, but the energy of their creation and existence remains, in some form, forever.

This work is shallowly beautiful, profoundly spiritual, and intensely personal. Using my artistic language, the ugly becomes sacred. The original subject matter is not revealed. Just enjoy the beauty that is. literally, within us and all around us.

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